Gigmit (GET a GIG GmbH)

Gigmit is the largest digital platform and event database in Europe, with 20% of shares owned by Sony Music Entertainment, 215,618 artiști înscriși, 10,784 organizatori de evenimente din 128 de țări fiind un instrument de gestionare a rezervărilor pentru profesioniștii din muzica live. It is also a booking management tool for live music professionals. It has been specially designed to help artists find better concert opportunities and promoters find the perfect artist for their event.

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Tomtix is an online platform through which tickets, in the form of QR codes, can be purchased for music, sports, cultural, or any other type of event that requires a ticket for entry.

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Located on the banks of the Bega River, at 5 Vasile Pârvan Boulevard, Anturaj is more than just a place for private events or brunches. By becoming the venue for District Sonor Soundscape, it turns into an alternative space for cultural events that encourage collaboration and connection between artists and the audience.

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Water Museum

The Water Museum, officially inaugurated on June 9, 2023, is owned by Aquatim SA, a public utility company established in 2008 for water supply and sewage services. Its purpose is to showcase the industrial heritage of the Secession 1914, the former Urseni Water Factory, while also serving as a cultural space for interdisciplinary experimentation and creativity.

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