What is District Sonor Soundscape??
"District Sonor Soundscape" is organized by the Association Operatiunea Zambet in partnership with Get a Gig GmbH (Gigmit), Tomtix, Anturaj Timișoara, and the Timișoara Water Museum. It represents a series of events that celebrate cultural diversity, showcasing music and digital art in the context of Timișoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023. The project is part of the Timișoara - European Capital of Culture program in 2023 and is funded through the BEGA program, conducted by the Timiș County Center for Culture and Art, with funds allocated from the state budget through the Ministry of Culture.

When and where does District Sonor Soundscape take place?
"District Sonor Soundscape" takes place in Timișoara over the course of three (3) weekends, between July 28th - 30th, 2023 at Anturaj Timisoara (Vasile Parvan blvd., no. 5), August 18th - 20th (location TBA), 2023 and September 1st - 3rd, 2023 (location TBA).

What is the schedule?
The program includes artistic activities in the music and digital art fields. In the first part of the events, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, there will be workshops, video projections, digital exhibitions, and real-time digital art creations by graphic artists. The second part, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, is dedicated to concerts featuring Romanian and international artists. The online platforms of the event will host live interviews and debates with artists, cultural representatives, and other personalities on topics of cultural interest such as AI in art, NFT ticketing, copyright, etc. The lineup will be announced approximately 3 weeks before each weekend.

How can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased online through the TomTix platform or on the day of the event at the entrance. Ticket purchase links are available on the website www.districrsonor.ro and on social media pages.
! Please note that when tickets are SOLD OUT, it will be announced on the website and social media. This means that tickets will no longer be available for purchase at the entrance.

What is the price of a ticket?
The cost of a ticket can vary between 15 lei and 100 lei, with three ticket categories available for each weekend.
● The early bird category provides access for one day (these tickets are limited in number and considered promotional).
● The standard category provides access for one day and goes on sale after the early bird tickets are sold out.
● The 3-Day Pass provides access for a full weekend. Individuals with disabilities and youth from placement centers are eligible for free admission.

How can I pay for the ticket if I want to buy it in person at the entrance?
Tickets can be purchased at the venue entrance only in cash. Volunteers will provide support for online and on-site ticket purchases.

Do children need tickets?
Children up to 14 years old can enjoy the events for free.

Can I come without parents if I'm under 18?
Access to the events is permitted for individuals over 16 years old. Individuals under 16 years old can only attend if accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Access with drinks and food is not permitted, except for a bottle of water in the concert area or in cases where medical documentation proves the necessity of bringing those items inside the venues. The locations where the events are held have restaurants or food truck providers, and payment for consumption can be made directly to them in cash or by card. Reservations for tables can be made by phone at the location’s contact number.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, access with pets is allowed in compliance with legal provisions, having the pet on a leash, and, depending on the breed, wearing a muzzle.

What items are allowed at the events? The following is a list of permitted items at the events:
● Phone and charger.
● Photo cameras.
● Cigarettes and lighters.
● Bags and purses.
● Chewing gum.
● Tissues and hand sanitizer.
● Earplugs.
● Insect repellent spray.
● Sunscreen lotion/spray.
● Hats.
● Sunglasses.
● Medium-sized backpacks
● Baby strollers

What items are prohibited at the events?
● Promotional items.
● Sharp objects/blunt objects (weapons) or any other objects that can cause bodily harm.
● Drugs, drug accessories, or other prohibited substances.
● Selfie sticks.
● Flags.
● Horns.
● Inflatable dolls.
● Lanterns.
● Lasers.
● Professional audio and video recording devices.

How can I obtain press accreditation?
Press accreditation can be obtained by sending a request to the following email address: office@districtsonor.ro.