1 – 3 Septembrie

Stefan Hantel, aka Shantel, is a German artist and producer, globally renowned for his eclectic approach to music and fusion of diverse styles. He started his career as a DJ in Frankfurt. Inspired by the audience's reaction to the music of Fanfare Ciocărlia, Shantel decided to incorporate elements of Romani music into his sets.

One of Shantel's distinctive features is the blend of Balkan music with electronic beats, which has earned him a reputation as one of the pioneers of the "Balkan Beats" genre. In addition to his solo career, Shantel was also the leader of the Bucovina Club Orkestar, which brought various Balkan sounds to the forefront. In 2007, he released the album "Disko Partizani," which garnered significant attention and contributed to the popularization of the Balkan beats genre.


Formed in 2011 by Ilias Kozas, Koza Mostra is a rock band known for their energetic mix of Balkan rock, ska, punk, and traditional Greek elements.

A significant moment for Koza Mostra was in 2013 when they represented Greece at Eurovision, held in Malmö, Sweden. They collaborated with vocalist Agathonas Iakovidis for the song "Alcohol Is Free," combining elements of traditional Greek music with a contemporary sound. The song had a strong impact and earned the band a respectable place in the final.

Also in 2013, they released their debut album – "Keep up with the Rhythm" – which achieved triple Platinum certification from the Greek music industry authority IFPI.


Considered the "only musician who befriended the accordion with the world of Romanian rock", Vali Crăciunescu has performed over time in several bands such as "Spitalul de Urgență," "Floare Albastră," and "Karma." Also, he has collaborated with legendary bands like Phoenix, Cargo, and Voltaj. In 2018, he launched his new band, Cooperativa 9.


Directly from the banks of the Una River that flows through the city of Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the bank of the Bega River, in Timișoara, the francophone band, formed in 2016, JALL AUX YEUX comprises both professional musicians and literature and foreign language teachers. Driven by a passion for creativity and music, they came together to create an original musical style.

Their lyrics draw inspiration from classic works of French literature and tackle themes such as love, personal relationships, and societal topics, while their music is a fusion of pop, rock, indie, folk, punk, dance, and jazz influences.

Up to now, the band has performed concerts in Germany, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and Slovenia.


18 – 20 August

Formed in 2015 on the vibrant streets of Barcelona, the Rumbakana band comprises artists from Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Catalonia, who have been acclaimed in numerous venues, neighborhood parties, and festivals. With deep roots in the street rumba style, the group has taken their passion for music beyond borders, captivating audiences in France, Italy, and Spain. Rumbakana has gained fame for their fiery performances, as well as their collaboration with the renowned singer, Manu Chao.


Mexican, rock, Latin, and blues influences, or in other words, El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila. Their sound is acoustic, powerful, a perfect fusion of different musical genres. Welcomed with great enthusiasm at every event and acclaimed for their authentic style, the Italian band El Cuento de la Chica y la Tequila radiates a pure and unparalleled energy. In 2012, they were awarded the title of “Best New” Act at Pistoia Blues 2012.


Did you say Serbian rock? Founded in 2009, Melmac Riders is a Serbian mashup band. Since 2011, they have performed live in clubs and at festivals in Romania, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Until now, they have released three studio albums, an EP, and two live concerts on DVD. All of Melmac Riders' stage appearances are filled with strength and originality.


Formația timișoreană Dincolo de Ziduri este definită de stilul rock pe care îl împletește în mod original cu elemente din hard rock, rock simfonic și rock melodic. Cu o dorință intrinsecă de a crea și cânta muzică pentru suflete, nu pentru divertisment, membrii trupei reușesc să transmită acea emoție și energie care îți rămâne în inimă pentru mult timp. Anul acesta au lansat albumul „Antiteză” care te  ridică  de  pe  scaunul  prea  confortabil  și  așa  cum  și numele spune, te pune bine în Antiteză”.


Creată în 2018, la inițiativa lui Cristian Tucă (AIM, Overtone), The Hidden Jester este o trupă de rock’n’roll. Până în prezent, formația a lansat două albume: Mr. Anderson’s Journey Through Various States Of Mind (2019) și Devil in my head (2022). În 2022, aceasta s-a calificat la finala concursului dedicat trupelor underground Posada Rock, urcând pe scenă alături de nume mari ale muzicii rock naționale și internaționale, precum Bucovina, The Haunted, Paradise Lost și The Exploited.


Zoltan Varga, aka Zoleevee, discovered his passion for music during the era when Kashtan cassette recorders and deck tape players were popular. Starting in 1996, he hosted various themed shows on Radio Vest, the first private radio station in Timișoara. It was here that he began his DJ career. In 1999, Zoleevee became a music editor for several local publications, and since 2010, he has been editing the music review blog DeAscultat.

Whether it's rock or synth-pop, electronic body music, punk, reggae, disco, drum and bass, or melodic techno, his sets are perceived as magical.

28 – 30 Iulie

Founded at the end of 1999 by Radu Almășan in Brașov, but with the official establishment date on February 14, 2000, the band Bosquito has managed to capture the hearts of its fans over the years. Well-known for their eclectic and original musical approach, combining elements of Latin and alternative rock with influences from Gypsy and Balkan music, their creations stand out with deep and emotive lyrics, addressing themes such as love, freedom, travel, and everyday life. In terms of discography, the band has released 6 albums - Bosquito (2000), Sar scântei (2001), Cocktail Molotov (2003), Fărâme din soare (2004), Babylon (2014), and Sus (2019) - along with several successful hits such as Așa că beau, Pepita, Hopa hopa, and Două mâini. These singles brought the band immense popularity, the latter reaching the top position in the Romanian Top 100 in 2002. In the following years, the band had to adapt to various changes.

Today, Bosquito takes the stage with the following lineup: Radu Almășan (vocals), Ciprian Ioan Pascal (guitar), Mircea "Burete" Preda (bass guitar), Dorin Țapu (drums), and Gilberto Ortega (percussion).


Founded in 2008, The Mono Jacks quickly gained popularity and established a solid name in the Romanian music industry. Drawing influences from alternative rock and post-punk, their melodies have managed to captivate audiences at major festivals in Romania and abroad, such as Sziget, Exit Festival, ARTmania, and TIFF. Their debut album, "Maria," was released in 2010 and marked a successful debut presence. This was followed by two bold EPs, Fortunes in 2011 and Gândurile in 2012. After a break, The Mono Jacks returned to the stage in 2015 with a single that represented a fresh start for the band - "Tablou" is about deep emotions, missed opportunities, and love.

Regardless of the event, The Mono Jacks captivates the audience with their energetic live performances, known for their vibrant atmosphere and profound interaction with the crowd.


Founded in 1994 in Cluj, Nightlosers is a Romanian band with a unique approach to music. By combining elements of American blues and rock 'n' roll with influences from Romanian, Hungarian, and Gypsy folk music, Nightlosers created a new, original, and authentic genre: Transylvanian blues. In their nearly 20 years of existence, the band has performed at significant music festivals and events, including Nottoden Blues Festival (Norway), GlobalFest, Webster Hall (New York), Labadoux Folk Festival (Belgium), Coin Street Festival (London), Sziget Island Festival (Hungary), Teacher’s Rhythm’n’Blues Tour (Romania), and Cuba 2017 World Music Festival.

Nationally, they are well-known for their songs "Bețivan Ratat" and "Dragostea-i ca și o râie" (Love is Like a River). Nightlosers have become an important name in the Romanian music scenery, contributing to the promotion of quality music and authentic cultural values. Through their creative fusion of genres and traditional influences, the band has created a distinctive, original, and unmistakable style.


During the pandemic, some great things happened, such as the creation Fără Filtru band, which took place on May 11, 2020.

How did it happen? Well, everything happened naturally. The bassist from ABB (formerly Amala), Kombell Cramba, and Cris "Pappy" Irinoiu (formerly Labirint, Etajul 4, Fire Escape, The Stitch) met spontaneously, without any specific intention to initiate a musical project. After several sessions together and creating various original compositions and covers that revolved around the analysis of contemporary society, the two realized that the next step towards forming a new band was finding another member. After a year of searching, Carina Meluț met all the requirements. Finally, Fără Filtru was ready for their first stage appearance, as a complete lineup. What does "Fără Filtru" actually mean? It refers to the absence of "the filter between thought and verbal expression, with the only possible impediment being rhyme. However, the music is definitely rock. What kind of rock? Fără Filtru leaves that decision to the audience.”


In 2012, in Timișoara, the band THE CASE was formed. From the very beginning, the members of the band stood out with their daring, creative, and innovative approach to music, exploring various genres and creating a distinctive style. With a stylistic concept based on personal experiences and profound themes, THE CASE brings a different approach to their compositions. By combining elements of garage rock, grunge, electronica, and synth-pop, the band creates a complex and captivating sonic structure, which has transformed THE CASE into one of the most well-known and active bands in the city on the Bega River. Their discography includes an EP, "The Case" (2014), and a full-length album, "Own the Night" (2017), along with several singles such as "Throne," "Fever," and "After You," all created in collaboration with the renowned producer Enrico Tiberi, famous for his work with prestigious record labels such as Sony Music, Universal, and Warner Music.


Louis King, also known as "The King of the Rockin' Blues," entered the Australian top hits with the release of his debut album in 1996. In that same year, he won the award for Best Artist at the Australian Blues Music Awards.

Throughout his career, he had the privilege to perform alongside well-known names in the blues genre such as BB King, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Vaughan (brother of guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan), and Screaming J. Hawkings. His original composition style, which combines elements of Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll, and Blues, has been appreciated and recognized by publications like "Rolling Stone Magazine" and the esteemed American Blues "bible," "Blues Review." At the beginning of 2017, Louis impressed American audiences with his original music at the famous "Viva Las Vegas" festival, followed by an international tour marking his 20-year career. During this tour, Louis King performed concerts in Romania, in cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, and Brasov, at venues like Berăria H, Rockstadt, and the Brezoi International Blues Festival.